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This is the LARGEST section of the VEGout! page.
And for good cause, Moral convictions are the most important part of being vegetarian.
Because if your not doing this out of love for animals you may very easily give it up.


"Unseen they suffer,
unheard they cry,
in agony they linger,
in loneliness they die."

Do these pictures disturb you?

They should.


    Reasons to stop eating meat. First of all, you should congratulate yourself for even being here, and reading this. But what brought you here? Either you are all ready a vegetarian and gathering information, or - and most hopefully - you are a moral person who is considering making the switch. Whatever the case, thank you for coming. I will assume the later since it's quite important that people in such a position to hear of the Immorality of meat and other abuses against animals.
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 A trip to a slaughterhouse. 
 The most dangerous game
 You call yourself a scientist?
(Lab Animals) 
What the major
religons say