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Basic info:
Formed in:  July 1998
Server:  Tripod
Category: Animal rights
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This site has no technical costs. Any adverstising done here is fundrasing for donations (namely for PETA). All of my links (PETA,, etc.) are here for free and without consent of the webmasters (I would assume they'd have no problem with it). If you wish to advertise something on my page for this targeted audience, feel free to email VEGout! If the site is non-profit and I approve of it I will link at no charge. For commercial site of which I approve there will be negotiable charge.

However if wish to include a link to my page from yours, thank you! And feel free! You may want to use this banner.

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Copyright info:

VEGout! reserves the sole creation and ownership of all images and backgrounds on these pages,  with the following exceptions:


All else are property of VEGout! and should not be expressed otherwise.

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Update info:

Everything you see on these pages is new.  I'll try to update this space when need be.

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Site Email:

If you notice any technical glitches in this site, want more info, or anything:

Email this site at this address.

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 Site intentions:

Just what am I trying to do here? I'm trying to give support to vegetarians, specifically teens (Because I have some experience in the area). I hope that I can help, and please help me to help others.

Thank you.
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