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A Trip to the Slaughterhouse
by Eric Glynn

The following is a fictional story, It involves illegal activity. VEGout! does NOT condone this. It is used for it realistic depiction of a slaughterhouse, and it's graphic pictures. With this in mind please read on:

My mind was going a mile a minute. But it wasn't fear going through my mind as I thought it would be, it was everything else. How glorious it will be as a liberator. Having broke "the rules" to do what I know is right. Maybe even getting arrested, and being a political prisoner. I shook my head. 'Concentrate!', I screamed to myself, 'Too much is a stake, this must go perfectly'. I went through, step by step, our game plan. I was interrupted by a rustling in the near bushes. "We're all here" came from the bush. "Oh," I took a breath of relief as the five people gathered around, "It's time". Everyone nodded. We split up, and our plan began.
    You see I'm animal rights activist in Buffalo, NY.  These five people are all animal rights activists and vegetarians, that I met with the assistance of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). We all varied in age from me, the youngest, to Gail, who's in her golden years but still sharper then most of us. Jeff was fresh out of college and full of energy. AMA, who was hindu, was the designated technical advisor. Sandra was about thirty, she was a reporter who was fired for exposing the evils of the circuses. Which didn't work out because "Ringing Brothers" was a sponsor. Also there was Mica, a rugged, exercise freak. He was the muscle for the group, but a nice guy too.
    Looking at us logically we seem like the most mismatched group of human beings anywhere, but we all shared one common bond in our love of animals. Which goes way beyond any stupid prejudices some people feel with their minor differences, and looks at all living things having rights and should be respected. Which weighs more importance than anything else.